About Us

At Tradeary, we’re dedicated to helping traders reach their potential. Successful traders take a journey optimizing their skills and knowledge. Traders must learn what triggers lead them to their best results. They need to control their emotions and develop a suitable trader psychology – learning when to accept a loss or take their money off the table. Profitable traders also learn to create a plan for each trade so they already know what their actions will be regardless of how the price moves.

The journey will include good and bad experiences. The key is to continuously learn and improve – repeat the things that cause gains and avoid the things that cause losses. Determining the actions to increase or decrease requires consistent recording and analysis of trades. Applying discovered improvements takes discipline.

We're here to help traders grow in their skills and knowledge. We make it easy for traders to record, and learn from, their trading. We offer features to assist traders in tracking their areas of improvement.

We build tools to guide traders on their journey to peak performance.