Journey to Optimized Trading

January 28, 2019

Journey to Optimized Trading

We’re on a journey.


We’ve embarked on a mission to help traders reach their maximum potential.  All traders take a journey while developing their trading knowledge, experience and skills.


The path can be treacherous, often fraught with losses.  In fact, many quit their journey after they encounter losses.  Others stagnate on their journey, as they stop learning how to advance their trading abilities.  The journey isn’t linear, everyone’s route is different as they experience unique market conditions and lessons.


We created Tradeary (‘trade’ + ‘diary’) to help traders continue to grow as they encounter challenges and stagnation while seeking to improve their trading.


We’re helping people optimize their trading.


There’s no magic formula that works for everyone, everytime.  It takes diligence and hard work to become a good trader. Most importantly traders need to constantly record what they did and why, and then measure the results.


“That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported improves exponentially.”

- Karl Pearson


“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
- George Santayana

Trade. Record. Review. Adjust. Repeat.

Working in the software industry, we realized that some of the concepts we used for work should be applied to trading, as well.

Software development often incorporates methodologies that emphasize continuous, incremental growth that incorporates learning from what you’ve done.

Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) and Agile both use cycles where engineers develop software, and then at the conclusion adjustments are made.  These consistently repeated processes provide continuous learning and improvement. 

Similarly, people serious about being the best traders they can be constantly look to improve.  In order to improve, logging as much as they can about their trades needs to be part of their routine.

This is what we call, optimized trading.

Destination: Optimized Trading

We built Tradeary as tool to accompany traders learn as they optimize their trading.  Traders record the details of their trade defining what they saw and thought when they entered and exited the trade.  

Recording stop losses and targets at the beginning of trades also help traders establish trade plans.  Defining exit criteria early helps traders avoid exiting at the wrong time because of emotions.

After closing trades, people can see metrics that show what leads to their gains and losses.  After determining what leads them to gains and losses, traders can define areas of improvement.  This reminds traders of actions that they want to increase/decrease and tracks how the improvement impacts their returns.

It’s our hope that Tradeary becomes an essential tool for traders by helping them learn how to efficiently improve their performance.

Founder, Tradeary